CEP QC Distributor - Anik Langlois
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Welcome to CEP Canada

CEP Canada is a distribution centre of “Complete Equine Performance” Products in Canada.  We carry a variety of horse products including Equine Daily Supplements, Performance Supplements, Horse Protective Boots, Pre/Post Race Paste and More!

Our products are Clean, All Natural & contain absolutely NO fillers!

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If you would like CEP Canada to have a booth at your large jackpot or finals, please let us know and send us a message at cepcanada.office@gmail.com 

"Where can I find CEP Canada this summer?"
We are currently asking customers on where you would like to see us! Send us an email at cepcanada.office@gmail.com


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Bertina Olafson

Welcome to CEP Canada

We make it out priority to provide your horse with top quality daily supplements, performance supplements and pre/post race pastes, as well as a line of gel, mud and Kool It products to provide muscle relief to your equine athletes

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