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CEP Canada is a distributor centre of “Complete Equine Performance” Products in Canada. All of the products that are on our website are made by Complete Equine Performance. They include Equine Daily Supplements, Performance Supplements, and Pre/Post Race Paste. Our products are Clean, All Natural, and contain absolutely no fillers.

Welcome to the Complete Equine Performance Canada Website

Welcome to CEP Canada’s Website! This is new to us and we are still working out the kinks.  Please bare with us.

We are also short a few products because of the COVID 19 current situation we will be unable to restock for a few weeks. Thanks for understanding!

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We welcome you to CEP Canada. We are happy to have a place to offer information on all of our products and where you can order or ask questions at your convenience.

We make it our top priority to provide your horse will top quality daily supplements, performance supplements, and pre/post race pastes, as well as a line of gel, mud, and Kool It products to provide muscle relief to your equine athletes. CEP products are Clean, All Natural, and contain absolutely no fillers.


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